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Saturday, August 05, 2000

Hey, we're live!
posted by Dori Smith on 8/5/2000 11:06:51 PM
Yesterday, Tom and I visited Madrona Manor and decided that we both thought the place was wonderful. So, we now have a place, date, and time:

Sunday, May 6th 2001, at 12:00 Noon
Madrona Manor
Healdsburg, CA

posted by Dori Smith on 8/5/2000 11:01:04 PM
Kristie Taylor of (of Breaching the Web) has a wedding journal and wedding links portal. I suspect I'll be borrowing a few links from the latter for this page.
posted by Dori Smith on 8/5/2000 10:58:55 PM

Wednesday, August 02, 2000

Wedding planning has started, which means we have just begun to go completely insane. Tune in regularly to watch us go grey and attempt to avoid killing either each other or ourselves!

Current front-running date: May 6, 2001. You have been warned. Subject to change at any time without notice (particularly if one of us succeeds in killing themselves or the other).

Links: (some useful, some not):

Whew... that's enough research for now.
posted by Dori Smith on 8/2/2000 02:30:37 PM