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Monday, August 28, 2000

attractive bridesmaid's dress?For women, it's well known that the world's ugliest dresses all have one name: bridesmaid's dresses.

I went wedding dress shopping last week, thinking that I could just go into a bridal shop and ask to look at what they had that wasn't white (I think that having been married before, it's in poor taste). I quickly found out that in bridal apparal, non-white means ivory.To me, however, ivory is white, so we had a fun case of cognitive dissonance for a while. I finally realized that we weren't successfully communicating because we weren't even speaking the same lanugage, and resorted to simply pointing and grunting. It turned out that the dresses that I was pointing to were all bridesmaid's dresses. Yes, I'm doing this by choice.

In particular, I thought that this dress showed promise, although it's not exactly what I'm looking for.
posted by Dori Smith on 8/28/2000 11:29:10 PM