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Wednesday, September 20, 2000

From Yahoo News: Web Changes Wedding Plans. Some good links and discussion of how people are starting to do wedding planning online.
posted by Dori Smith on 9/20/2000 01:37:41 PM

Monday, September 18, 2000

The reason I'm thinking of buying a tux, rather than renting one, is that it now looks as though there will be at least three or four occcasions over the next year when I could use one. Besides the wedding, we just heard that Dori's been invited on another geek cruise (like the Alaska one we went on in May), and that will have a couple of formal nights. And heck, we might even go on a cruise for the honeymoon (something else we should start thinking about).
posted by Tom Negrino on 9/18/2000 10:30:46 PM
For some annoying reason, I can find no decent information on the Web about tuxedos made by Armani. The Giorgio Armani site is a nightmare of Flash (the Macromedia kind) over substance. Grrrr. It's not so much that I'm looking to buy an Armani tux; it's more that when I'm researching a buying decision, I like to define the high and low ends of the market, and then see what I can get that's close to the high end without it being the high end. Sometimes, of course, it is.
posted by Tom Negrino on 9/18/2000 10:22:13 PM
I see that we (OK, me) forgot to blog the arrival of my wedding ring last week. In my own defense, I must point out that I was cranking to finish up my Office 2001 Dummies book, which wrapped today. I'll fire up the digital camera and post a picture of my ring soon. It's a cool looking platinum ring with a wavy gold band running around it.
posted by Tom Negrino on 9/18/2000 10:20:32 PM