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Thursday, April 19, 2001

So long as Tom is commenting on our vendors, I should probably also mention that our florist is Wiggy Flowers (also recommended by Morgen, who says that she's not getting kickbacks from either one) (but we think that she should).
posted by Dori Smith on 4/19/2001 11:48:56 PM
Hey, we're still alive! But we have been busy, and not just with wedding plans either. Since the last post, all too long ago, we finished the fourth edition of our JavaScript book and wrapped up some work for Macworld. Then we were able to turn to wedding planning in earnest.

On the wedding front, we've gotten lots of things done; at this point almost everything is ready. Going to the bridal fair in late February gave us a couple of good possibilities for photographers, and we ended up picking Morgen Benoit, because her work showed a lot of personality, and that she wasn't afraid to shoot fun (and even goofy) pictures. We had our final pre-wedding meeting with her today, and we are confident that things are going to work out well. It helps, of course, that Morgen owns an iMac and needed some consulting and training, so we came to a financial meeting of the minds. After we get back from the honeymoon, she's also going to shoot some new business headshots for me.

We faced a bit of a crisis in March, when we discovered that our friend whom we hoped would be able to perform the ceremony had to cancel because of a conflicting family commitment. We were sad, and also freaked out because we had no idea where to turn. I've learned that good professionals know other good professionals, so I asked Morgen if she had any suggestions. She looked at us, grinned, and said "I've got just the right person for you two!" She was right: our ceremony will be performed by the Rev. Blane Ellsworth. We've driven out to Napa twice to visit with him, and we're expecting a fun time to be had by all.

I bought a tuxedo today, because I'll need one for the wedding and also for the honeymoon cruise (three of the twelve cruise nights are formal). We're also scheduled to go on another Geek Cruise in August, which will require more formal wear, so it just makes sense to buy a tux rather than rent three different times. We're renting a tuxedo for Sean, who will be playing a part in the ceremony.
posted by Tom Negrino on 4/19/2001 10:31:04 PM